A Look At A Video Footage From Tiger Woods’ Accident

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Gulf legend Tiger Woods has been involved in a gory road accident in California. The renowned sportsman is reported to have been driving at a very high speed when the vehicle veered off the road.

Tiger Woods has suffered “multiple leg injuries” but reports confirm that it’s a ”non-life-threatening”. He was reported to be conscious and responsive when he was removed from the wreckage by the local fire department early on Tuesday morning, February 23, 2021, before he was rushed to hospital in a “serious condition”.


Tiger Woods went through surgery at the nearby Harbor-UCLA Medical Center for multiple compound fractures in both legs and a shattered ankle. The accident happened at 7 am Pacific Time while driving with no passengers and no other vehicle was involved.

He lost control of his car “at high speed”. The vehicle rolled several times and sustained “extensive damage”. Tiger Woods was conscious and able to communicate when emergency services arrived at the scene.



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