77-year-old Oboy Siki Whose D** Is Probably Weaker Than Nigerian Currency Claims He Sleeps With 60 to 70 Women Every Month

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77-year-old Kumawood actor, Oboy Siki, whose D** is probably weaker than the Nigerian and Zimbabwean currencies claims that he sleeps with 60 to 70 women every month.


According to Oboy Siki in an interview with Rashad of GhPage TV, per his records from the date he started womanizing to 2019, he has slept with 2005 women.

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Here is what Oboy Siki said;

“How can people tell me I don’t have strength, in a month, I sleep with about 60 to 70 women every month. I used to keep a record of all the women I sleep with. As at 2019, I slept with 2005 women. I stopped counting since. There are people who do worse than me but I know they’ll judge me”.

It could be that what this man is referring to as sex (bonking) is just little romance and smooching and not penetration.


Watch the short interview below…