Counselor Lutterodt
Counselor Lutterodt

Marriage counselor and reverend minister of God, Counselor Lutterodt has over the years given people reason to doubt his sanity through his unguarded and sometimes hard-to-comprehend utterances.

Counselor Lutterodt
Counselor Lutterodt

His utterances are so weird that those who question his sanity seem to have a very legitimate and strong case.


These suggestions and comments have not stopped Counselor Lutterodt from continuing to make weird inputs on trending national issues and from all indications he is slowing down for any reason.

Last year, there was a petition to ban the counselor on all media platforms.

In this article, we look at seven crucial times the outspoken counselor proved he actually may need a psychiatric or psychological evaluation.


Comment on Sarkodie’s Wedding

Following Sarkodie’s elegant wedding to his long time fiancé and baby Mama, Tracy, counselor Lutterodt was back to his best, making some very problematic comments about the marriage. According to the counselor a man as successful as Sarkodie shouldn’t have married Tracy or any other woman for that matter. Instead he should have just stayed single and enjoyed the beautiful life nature had to offer.

He even went as far as suggesting that if Sarkodie was bent on marrying, then he should be polygamous and marry as many as he can, because he is too successful to stick to one woman. Had this been said by an ordinary man on the street, it would have been treated as normal but for this to come from a marriage counselor who also doubles as a man of God, it raises suspicions and questions his mental wellness, proving that indeed Counselor Lutterodt may need a psychiatric evaluation.

Police Brutality on woman at Midlands

In the aftermath of the police officer’s brutality on a customer at Midlands Savings and Loans Bank, against all odds, counselor Luterrodt jumped to the defense of the ‘Rambo’ police officer, which in itself was normal as many had defended the police officer. What is worrying here is that the controversial counselor argued that the brutalised customer in question, deserved more beatings and the officer should have been allowed to give the woman some extra beatings before the intervention by some witnesses who were around.


Counselor Lutterodt also went on to claim that the woman didn’t raise her daughter well, a reason for which she was raped and gave birth outside marriage. These expressions by the counselor prove just how urgent he may need a psychiatric evaluation. How did a defenseless sickle cell teenage girl who got raped become an issue of the woman not raising her daughter well?

Don’t date for more than 2 weeks

According to Counselor Lutterodt no man or woman should date someone for more than 2 weeks. In his view it is good for a young man or woman to ‘cast wide his net and taste different varieties’ before settling on one partner and the best way to do this is to date for a maximum two weeks and move on to another ‘catch. Like his previous utterances, this raises doubt about the mental state of the outspoken counselor as his advice doesn’t add up for someone touted to be a relationship and marriage expert. Maybe a psychiatric evaluation could help explain the reason behind his strange point of view and advice.

Brassiere Comment

“If you are a man and you remove your wife’s brassiere with two hands then you are stupid”- counselor Lutterodt said in an interview on GhONE last year December.

How on earth a man like Counselor Lutterodt could sit on national television and argue over this assertion for hours beats imagination. After making the weird statement, he spent hours defending this somehow unreasonable argument. And according to him, a man should remove his wife’s brassiere with two fingers and not hands, a reason for which he described men who do so as stupid and spent an hour plus to defend his statement. For a marriage counselor to be on national television and use his time to discuss which part of the arms a man should use to remove a wife’s brassiere actually calls for concern and gives justification to those calling for him to be taken up for mental evaluation.

Kofi Adjorlolo Energy Drink Saga

Not too long ago, veteran actor Kofi Adjorlolo and model, Victoria Lebene were in a serious relationship that almost led to marriage. While most people felt the relationship was not right due to the age difference between them, they stayed away from commenting on it as they felt it was their personal lives and private issue, hence no need to get into it. However one person who as usual poked his nose into the affair and made mockery of it was no other person that Counselor Lutterodt. He used every opportunity he had in the media to mock the two love birds and became obsessed with their affair.

The most memorable point in the whole saga was when he referred to Victoria Lebene as an energy drink for Kofi Adjorlolo. His comment about the two adults were so out of other that most people began wondering if psychologically counselor Lutterodt was okay or was under some sort of stress.

Don’t Marry Because of love, marry because of feelings

According to the marriage counselor, one shouldn’t marry because of love but rather should marry because of feelings. Many others like myself, have struggled to understand what exactly he implied or the logic in his statement. This even though sounds very strange and has gradually become his trademark, making statements that have no heads or tails and only him seems to understand what he says or see the logic in it.

Comments on Yvonne Nelson

While Lutterodt indirectly supports ‘prostitution’ by encouraging people to date for only two weeks, he called actress Yvonne Nelson ‘Ashawo’. Despite having the view that successful people shouldn’t marry, he criticised Yvonne Nelson for giving birth out of wedlock. So why does he want Tracy to be giving birth out of wedlock without getting married to Sarkodie but condemns Yvonne Nelson for doing same?

This regular weird statements from him need not to be taken for a joke as many have posited. He may need some form of psychiatric checkup to confirm his mental status as his odd assertions keep growing in number each blessed day, with only him able to make meaning of them.

There is no end to the number of evidence that proves that Counselor Lutterodt needs psychiatric evaluation to ascertain his state of mind. Maybe we have joked about it for far too long and it is about time we take it serious and assess the mental state of the counselor as his comment and actions everyday pulls further away from normality and towards absurdness with some gullible Ghanaians having their marriages and relationships ruined.Story/Article by Republishing is permitted only with appropriate crediting by linking back to this original article.


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