Unhappy married couple on verge of divorce due to impotence and jealousy

If you have found yourself in a relationship or marriage where your partner isn’t kissing you, you are definitely getting worried. Some have gone ahead to ask their partners why they are not kissing them while others don’t even want to talk about it for fears that the partner may blame them for their actions. 

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While you could be the problem, it’s not always the case. Someone who truly loves may still not want to kiss you but of the level of their love is like that of Romeo and Juliet, then they can consider your pleasure and interest and kiss you even if they didn’t want to.


In this article for Asembi.com, Ella4sam takes readers through some of the reasons why a partner isn’t kissing the other.

Doesn’t know how to kiss

This is the problem of the ‘Holy’ guys. The whole act looks foreign to them, and they have no idea how it’s done. Though some are willing to do, they always get the other partners complaining of how they kiss. A partner could also prevent you from kissing him/her if you don’t know how to kiss. If they find it a waste of time to kiss you, they won’t worry about themselves.

If you love your partner, this is the time to train him/her for yourself. Teach him/her how to do, and once it’s mastered, it’s for your own good. Today, tutorials on almost everything can be found on the internet and how to kiss isn’t an exception.


Mouth Odour/headache

Mouth odour is unpleasant and can kill the sexual mood of a partner if you try kissing with such a smell in the mouth. Some mouth odours cannot be felt by the persons having them. So it becomes difficult for you to identify and treat. If your partner is having an unpleasant smell in the mouth, note that he/she isn’t feeling it. Find a polite way of drawing their attention to it. If it’s a result of the partner not brushing his/her teeth, you can use a smart way to prompt him/her to clean your mouth before kissing. You can jokingly make a rule that both of you will brush your teeth every day before kissing.

Some mouth odours are a result of a health condition in the head. This kind of headaches can be troublesome and hard to fight at times. People suffering from this condition mostly do not know. If your partner is one of them, assist him/her in treating it.

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No really in love

Some things are for lovers only!


Some people will not kiss you for any reason because they don’t love you. This does not apply to married couples unless they married each other for a reason other than LOVE. If you are in a relationship and your partner cannot give you a sensible reason why they are not kissing you, it’s time to begin asking yourself some questions. If it’s a problem you have experienced from your past relationships, then you have to know that you are the problem. It could be that you don’t know how to kiss, or you have a mouth odour.


Others do not kiss their partners because they find kissing as disgusting, something unpleasant they don’t want to engage their mouths and tongues in. Such people even go ahead to say that kissing is synonymous to swallowing the saliva of your partner. These people could be genuinely in love but would never kiss for any reason, even if it will cost them the relationship. It’s hard dealing with such people, but you can gradually make them fall in love with kissing.

Start sharing spoons with them, let them take a bite of food from your lips, share toffees at times and anytime you try to kiss, try and make it dry. A comprehensive article on this will be shared in subsequent posts.

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Health reasons

People don’t kiss others, especially when they’ve not known you for very long, for health reasons. Some diseases can be carried from salivas, and kissing puts the other partner at risk. Married couples shouldn’t have problems with this because they know the health condition of each other. It’s advisable to avoid kissing strangers or people who you have no idea about their health conditions. If your partner brings this up as the reason for not kissing you, you can both visit the hospital for the necessary check-ups.

Bad experience

People who have had a bad experience when it comes to kissing do not want to engage in it again at all. It could be that someone left a good size of saliva in their mouths, or they met a terrible mouth odour that has put them off and has vowed not to engage in it. This is mostly the case of people who experienced it during the first time they kissed. With these people, ask the exact experience they had, then give them your assurance that you are an expert in the act.


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