6 psychological tricks that will make people like you immediately

In as much as you want to become successful, you also want people to like you as well. You don’t want to be in a position where you have amass wealth but people don’t respect you for that. Or you want to be in a situation where nobody cares about you. When you find yourself in such circumstance it means your ‘success’ is not recognized.

This means nobody admires your hard work or even appreciate what you’ve built and accomplished in life. In the true case, people should have a level of commemoration for you. If not anything at least for what you toiled to achieve. But here in the case where people don’t see the worth of you and what you have done.

So, how can you make people like you? In this post, I am sharing with you the 6 psychological tricks that you must know how to make people like you immediately.

You worth more for to let people reject you.

Do you know there is more fulfillment in life when people like you even when all hope is lost? This is so important that you must know how to make people like you immediately. Let’s get into the subject.


Rapport is power

Rapport means total responsive between people. With building rapport about how to make people like you immediately, there’s the fact that whatever you want to achieve, wherever you want to go, and whatever you want to do, always know that there are people who have taken that same path. These people have the experience, the knowledge, and the technical know how to get to your destination. And if you want to go far to succeed, then you have to go with somebody.

But, before anybody will give in to assist you, there should be the sense of cordiality between you and the person. You might not know what they want or like, or how they want you to approach them, but you should always take the first step. Build the rapport you should to attract their attention.

Unfortunately, people think they can build a rapport by engaging people in a question and answer communication. Once you begin a conversation with the person you want to build rapport with, they sense that you’re just interested in digging for information. This can draw them back and feel reluctant to give interesting responses. To know how to make people like you immediately by building a rapport, first understand that rapport is created by a feeling of commonality.

Again, you don’t necessarily have to build rapport by words. It is known that words take about 7% in communication. So if you choose to build a rapport with only words, then you are leaving 93% of your communication skills idle. Building a rapport is one of the 6 psychological tricks on how to make people like you immediately.


Express positive energy

Let me make this scenario with a magnet. With the law of magnet, it is said that “unlike poles attract whiles like poles repel”. The same thing applies to practical life. If you want to establish a relationship with people to like you, then you should also live a relationship where you like people. You cannot associate with somebody you hate. You only attract people who think they can have a relationship with you.

In so doing, you should always bring out positive energy towards others. This will allow them to exchange the same positive energy with you. Don’t expect people to like you if you hate them. This is the second point on how to make people like you immediately.

Moreover, people like people who like themselves or who may like them for who they are. Can you like somebody if you hate yourself? There is no fact of possibilities in this. So stay true to yourself, love yourself for others to appreciate you and they will like you for who you are. But always remember to express positive energy.

In addition to this, people don’t want to get close to people who are judgmental. And also people who always condemn instead of motivating and advising. You have to build these characters of respect, like to give advice and opinions and motivate others if you want them to like you. Remember how to make people like you immediately will demand you to express positive energy.


Be loving and kind

Have you ever see people hating someone who always shares and give out his best to help people? Rarely will you see this? But even if it happens, in most cases it’s because of the people who are around the person. They wish he or she was giving all to them. And when they see he or she spreads out his hands to reach others, they turn to hate him or her.

But love and kindness will always connect you to good people. People who realize the sacrifice you make to help them will always appreciate and like you. Don’t stop spreading love and showing kindness to people if you want them to like you. This is what you should know about how to make people like you.

Continue to love and show kindness and eventually, people will see the good in you and get closer. They will have no option than to respect you, admire you, love you back and like you. Never let anybody stop you from believing that it’s great to be kind and loving. Be loving and kind is the third point of how to make people like you immediately.


Have a sense of humor

How to make people like you immediately the fourth psychological trick
It’s always interesting to be around with people who make you happy. They always try to make you feel good, important and put a smile on your face even in times of difficulties. You like to get closer to such people and so you should also cultivate the habit of humor. Life is too good to always get angry at yourself and at somebody.

Find ways to make people feel needed and special and put them in the zone of happiness whenever they are around you. This makes them want nothing less than to like you immediately. If you want people to like you immediately, make them feel at home when they come close. This is one of the 6 psychological tricks on how to make people like you immediately.

Nobody loves to be with people who don’t like them. There are people who don’t have a bit sense of humor. If you know somebody like that, you’ll testify that those people find it hard to have friends and even be liked by others. So, if you want to know the tricks of how to make people like you immediately, then, have a sense of humor.


Embrace vulnerability

The most unimaginable answer I got when I tried to get people to explain to me what vulnerability is. Most of the answers I received was vulnerability is ‘weakness’. Wait, really? Many people think to be vulnerable is a revelation of your weakness. I have a different understanding of the vulnerability of which I know, is much appropriate.

You might also think that to be vulnerable is a way of exposing your short-comings, your inabilities, and where you lack the knowledge and strength in life. But first, you have to understand that humanity comes with vulnerabilities. So if you want people to like you as we’re talking about how to make people like you immediately with these 6 psychological tricks, you should learn how to embrace vulnerability. You are designed to have the qualities of a vulnerability.

Dr. Brene Brown – Author of “Daring Greatly” believes vulnerability is actually not weakness. She says vulnerability is a great measure of courage. She challenges that vulnerability is the ability to show up, and take the risk even when there are no guarantees that you’d succeed in the task. More also, she added that vulnerability is the willingness to show up and to be seen even at your lowest point.

Prepare to be vulnerable if you want people to like you immediately.


Learn to compliment others

There is joy and happiness when you receive a compliment like ‘good, you did a great job, oh you made it and you’re amazing.’ and other sorts of compliments that carries the message of appreciations, thanks, encouragement, and advice. People feel relieved when they find themselves in dilemma situation thinking they’ve messed up or did not bring the best in them.

All it takes for them to like you is to give one compliment. Let them know they executed their part at their best strength and they deserve applauds for that. Complimenting others really works and they turn to like you immediately. If you want to be like by knowing these 6 psychological tricks of how to make people like you, then learn to compliment others.

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