5 Reasons why Ghanaians can’t stop loving Rev. Obofuor despite controversies

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Tall, fair coloured, handsome and with an unmistakably well-shaped beard and moustache, founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) and CEO of Sweet TV, Prophet Asanteman Bofuor, popularly known as Rev. Obofuor still appears to leave a sweet taste in the mouth of most Ghanaians despite his involvement in a number of controversies and public feuds with other “men of God”.

Rev. Obofour and wife
Rev. Obofour and wife

In recent times, he has come under criticisms for allegedly not fulfilling his promises to the late Apraku My Daughter which in turn left him broke, drunkard, and led to his death. His ‘beef’ with Bishop Daniel Obinim is a long-standing one with no hope of it ending anytime soon. One guy named Demon Breaker made several allegations against him and even alleged that he killed actor Wayoosi’s mother.

Despite all these allegations levelled against him that one would expect to have caused public disaffection for Rev. Obofour, more Ghanaians rather keep falling in love with him.

Here, we look at five reasons why Rev. Obofuor is adored by most Ghanaians.

His benevolence

Rev. Obofour is known to be very kind-hearted and has numerously distributed cash and food items to the less privileged. During the outdooring ceremony of his son, Okyereabeyie Kweku Francis Antwi Adjei Jnr, Rev Obofour dashed 15 cars which included;  a Hyundai Elantra to Efiewura’s Auntie Bee, a Toyota Corolla to a singer in his church, a Toyota Yaris to one of the workers at Sweet TV, a Ford to his wife’s sister and a Rolls Royce to his wife.  Recently, in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, he donated 100,000 cedis and other items to the Tema General Hospital. More so, he founded the Cash TV Foundation to primarily take care of the needy.

Obofour gifts car
Obofour gifts car

His sermons

Rev. Obofour is also adored for the level of pragmatism he displays during his sermons.  He includes real-life situations and also chips in bits on how to keep one’s marriage alive – an aspect of his sermons a lot of people are in love with.

He is a realist

Rev. Obofour is also adored for being a real person thus, one who doesn’t pretend. He is famed for saying that people should search for fame, money on earth and categorically stated that he doesn’t even know if heaven is real! When he was criticized for purchasing a Ford Mustang for his 9-year old daughter, Rev. Obofuor also fired back, questioning why people are okay with “outsiders” enjoying but have a problem when he is also enjoying. “I should send a taxi driver to go and pick my daughter and run away with her?”, he quizzed.

He is entertaining

Rev. Obofuor sometime back, jammed to Shatta Wale’s hit song, ‘Taking Over’ whiles he was preaching. This was quite unorthodox because such songs are normally classified as ‘worldly’ hence unfit to be played in the house of God.

Obofour and Shatta Wale
Obofour and Shatta Wale

He is a fashionista!

The kind of confidence Rev. Obofuor exudes with his appearance during sermons or during other routine duties is quite remarkable and certainly, one which has endeared him to most Ghanaians.

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