5 Ghanaian musicians whose career were killed by dumb decisions


The music industry generally is a place that requires consistency and good decision for survival and greatness. That is the more reason why most artists begin their musical career in the same era and at the end of the day, some are called musical legends and other failures.

Here is a list of Ghanaian musicians who killed their music careers as a result of an unwise decision they made

Tic Tac

Tic replies critics

Tic officially known as Nana Kwaku Okyere Duah, is a hiplife musician from Kwamo, a suburb in the Ashanti Region in Ghana. His music story began in 1997, when he and another male rapper formed a group named ‘Natty Strangers’. His ability to speak and rap fast earned him the name Ghana’s Busta Rymes. Philomena, his debut album hit the streets in June 1999 and saw songs like ‘KKBK’ and ‘MMAA 4MULA’ top the charts in Ghana for several weeks. The musician began to die out when music moved from cassettes to digital. Tic Tac’s name didn’t favour his internet presence and was nowhere to be online. This eventually killed his career but he realised very late. In an attempt to fix this, he worsens the situation by changing his name from Tic Tac to Tic. While Tic Tac was showing some chewing gums when Googled, Tic shows some toys. Man is nowhere to be found online. All attempts to bring his career back have proven futile.



One corner hitmaker, Patapaa became unpopular in Ghana after he went ahead to release a diss track for Kuami Eugene after the latter had apologized for some unsavoury comments he passed about Patapaa and his music in an interview. The unforgiving attitude of Patapaa brought on him the wrath and anger of Ghanaians. Today, Patapaa is nowhere to be found. All attempts by Patapaa to redeem his image have proven futile.

Patapaa built a huge following and got a greater number of Ghanaians sympathising with him after he missed a Vodafone Ghana Music Award for Best Popular Song of the Year. He had issues with is management team which affected his PR works. He had no one to advise him and accounted for his release of a diss song for Kuami Eugene.


Cee first became famous when she won third place in the maiden edition of TV3 mentor, however, his musical career begun when she joined a gospel music trio with The Great Ampong and Isaac, also of “Mentor” fame. Briefly after the trio chalked some success as a group, the members of the group separated, the separation, however, did not kill her career but she lost it when she decided to travel abroad in search of Greener pastures.

She returned from Ghana and rebranded to Adepa Cee but did not work for her.  She has gone back to join the many underground musicians she left behind.


Emmanuel Nana Appiah Boating known within the music circles by his stage name Kontihene, is an award-winning Ghanaian hiplife musician. His debut album ‘Aketesea’ won him the Song of the Year Award during the 2003 edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards making him the first underground artist at the time to have received this award. However, while in his musical career, the musician decided to travel abroad in such of greener pasture and that was the end of his music career.

He returned to Ghana after getting Green Card in the United States to continue with his musical career but did not succeed. He tried attacking people on radio to draw attention to himself, but it still didn’t work for him.  It’s hard to get Ghanaians back when you lose them.

FBS Group

The FBS musical group was a very popular music group in the early 2000s. The group was famous especially for its phenomenal “Oluman Buge” hit song. Members of the group could dance very well as well. Their fame began to dwindle when they departed from their management label, Milestone House. However, what really broke Carmel’s back for them was their decision to move to UK for greener pastures. Since then, the group has been unproductive until they were heard off in 2016 when they endorsed former president John Dramani Mahama. And again, when to hibernation.

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