4 tips to use to get what you want from people

It is a proven fact that you’ll need help someday somehow from people. There are people out there who like to help others and love doing that but, also need a strong conviction to render any help of any kind before they will pay heed to your request. I have been in such situations for quite a number of times. In most situations, I was turned down because I lack the tactics to approach people to help me with whatever I wanted.

For example, in the world of blogging, there is a term called “Quest Blogging”. which simply means finding a blog that publish content related to yours and if that blog has more traffic or viewers, you’d try to ask for the owner of that blog to publish one or more of your articles on their blog so that, their readers could see you and visit your blog too.

When I started a year ago, I was in need of traffic like every blogger aims at. So I’d contact other blogs in my niche and almost all of them turned my request down. It wasn’t because I was not publishing good content but, it was how I went to approach them. I decided to try my last and fortunately, applied new tactics and this time, I was granted the opportunity to guest blog on that site. luckily, a publishing about five articles on that blog,  the traffic of my personal site tripled and I was successful at my goal of guest blogging.

After learning that my previous failures were how I went about it, I see the need to share with you four tips to use to get anything you want from people.

1. Be specific.

Talk about exactly what results you want, and share with that person what it takes to get that result. He will let you know if it can be done or if help is needed. Either way, there won’t be any confusion about your expectations.


2. Ask in person.

Emails and text messages are too easily ignored and misconstrued. Go see someone in person or, at the very least, via a video call. That way, she can see that you’re concerned about the results you want and that your intention was not to personally attack her or her character. Follow up that conversation in writing with an email, and then look forward to the activities and results to come.

3. Ask early and often.
This is the new mission of my upstart referral-based company. Don’t wait until a problem gets out of hand or you’re overdue on a project to share with others what you need from them. Include others in the process to make sure you can accomplish the task without any mishaps or surprises.


4. Express gratitude.

Now that you have gotten much better at communicating in a direct and real way, make sure that you say “please” and “thank you”—and mean it. Positive reinforcement is an important step to have direct conversations, receive feedback and attain success with coaching.

It seems so simple, this idea of being honest and direct with people, but it is rare—and sometimes shocking—when it is done face to face. Making this kind of communication the standard inside of your place of business, or inside of your home, can make your everyday life much less challenging and provide stability in your relationships.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to be direct and specific, go out into the world and help make this the rule, not the exception.

I hope this article has served its purpose, thus providing you the four ways to let people help you when you ask for. We can meet at for more of these informative articles.

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