Wedding pictures of King Sarks and the adorable Tracy
Wedding pictures of King Sarks and the adorable Tracy

Wife of award-winning rapper Sarkodie, Tracy Ama Sarkcess, seems to have much interest in matters that are of importance to the nation. The unfortunate thing, however, is that she becomes the subject of ridicule and mockery whenever she passes comments on issues on Twitter.

Ghanaians seem to forget the love they have for celebrities when they find a reason to attack them. When a picture of Tracy with a fairer complexion surfaced on social media, she received the insults of her life for bleaching her skin. Sarkodie even savagely replied a fan who wanted to be sure of the bleaching allegations that “she will stop bleaching when his (the fan) mother stops selling the cream”.


Tracy Sarkodie

In this article, Ella4sam take a look at all the instances the first lady of the Sarkcess family incurred the wrath of Ghanaians on social media for her comments on trending issues.

Comments on banking sector clean up

Ghanaians descended heavily on Tracy on social media for wading into the Menzgold and the Bank of Ghana saga in 2018. During the financial sector clean-up exercise which led to the shutting down of some banks in the country, she called on the Bank of Ghana to leave Menzgold and focus its energy only on the banks. The actress went ahead to ‘educate’ authorities of the Central Bank claiming Menzgold does not take deposits. In line with this, many described her as ignorant as her comments were very misplaced and misinformed.

Others also argued that Sarkodie or herself had investments with Menzgold and that necessitated her comments. Menzgold eventually went down with no hope in sight for its investors, though Nana Appiah Mensah, the CEO has claimed customers are being paid.


Tracy’s comment came not long after his marriage to Sarkodie. She was hardly heard expressing opinions or commenting on issues. So people began to ask if she was waiting to get married before joining the “slay queens” league in commenting on trending issues. She is one of the few Ghanaians who became celebrities through dating/marriage.

Complaining of Sarkodie not joining her in bed early

Tracy Sarkcess also revealed that her husband, Sarkodie, does not go to bed early because of his music career. This is mainly because the rapper spends most of his time recording songs and ends up going to bed around 2am, 3am, and sometimes 4am. Ghanaians were pissed for such comments indicating that the award-winning rapper is working tirelessly for her and the family to have a good life.

Closure of the country’s border

Also, she took to social once again to express her views concerning the border closure in Ghana in connection with the measures put in place by the government to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Ghana. She cried over the issues of the border closure. She described it as “unbecoming”. Tracy moved on to question the government on why the state had to close the country’s borders leaving over 3000 Ghanaians stranded in abroad. It is still not known how Tracy was able to count the number of Ghanaians stranded abroad. probably she is also using “data and science”, lol.


She never understood why the government could not emulate other countries that airlifted their citizens from overseas. She received the greatest backlash from Ghanaians once again as she stated that she was frustrated after six months of leaving Ghana for a country yet to be known. Only God knows where they went.

Comparing her current state with prisoners in mandatory quarantine

After successfully arriving in Ghana, she took to social media to register her displeasure on how her husband and children in mandatory quarantine are being treated. According to her, she has been quarantined together with her husband, Sarkodie and their two kids for the past one week. Unfortunately, it appears they are stuck within the four corners of their room. She indicates that they are not even allowed in the yard of the hotel to walk around or even have access to fresh air.

This she said, does not allow her to feel healthy, mentally and physically. She likened her situation to that of a prisoner and stated sarcastically that, even prisoners are allowed to move freely for 30 minutes. Ghana Twitter did not spare her. Probably Tracy forgot that Prisoners are not suspected to be having coronavirus and not in quarantine.

Is Tracy complaining because they are paying for their living in the hotel? Because reviews were positive when the government was paying for all those in mandatory quarantine.


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