Prof. Jane Naana Opoku and John Mahama

The opposition NDC was voted off power in 2016 to make way for the NPP government. After some time, many Ghanaians are crying for the NDC to come back to power and save them. And these group of people who are wishing their comeback are expected to vote for them at all cost.

Let us take a look at these groups.



Under the NPP government, the Bank of Ghana collapsed over 17 banks and microfinance institutions in Ghana. This left the customers of these financial institutions worried and devastated, but the President assured them their money was safe and that they will all receive their money accordingly.

Later, the government issued a statement to the customers that, it would either give them 50% of their money or they should come for the full amount in 5 years. This left the customers wondering why the President who promised to give them back their money is now saying this.

This drew the attention of the NDC and their flagbearer, John Dramani Mahama, who promised to pay the customers their money in less than a year if he is elected into power. Many Ghanaians began to debate on whether it was just a campaign promise or he was genuinely willing to pay.


According to some of the affected customers, it is better to try than to wait for five years. Some of the concerned customers are retired workers, sick people, market women and a whole lot of people who are struggling to make ends meet, and the NPP has said it will pay them back in 5 years.


President Akufo-Addo, in his 2016 campaign, promised Ghanaians that he can reduce the prices of fuel in Ghana. This attracted many drivers to vote for him as they all thought this was a good break from the NDC government. Instead, since he assumed power in 2017, the price of fuel has increased drastically as compared to the previous NDC government.

Even amid COVID-19, the NPP-led government has kept on increasing the price of fuel. According to drivers, the reduction in the number of passengers in the commercial vehicles has left them in serious debt as they are not able to make sales and instead of the government to do something to help them, it has increased the price of fuel.


The Drivers Union has written a number of letters to the government and the Transport ministry but has not gotten any feedback from them. According to some drivers, the NDC government was also increasing the price of fuel but comparing it to that of the NPP, NDC is better and that the NPP government does not care about drivers.


The Mahama-led NDC administration built a lot of hospitals, clinics and CHPS compounds, notable among them is the renovation of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (RIDGE) and the ultramodern University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC). The Akufo-Addo led government has shifted their attention from the health sector.

The unavailability of infrastructure has left a number of trained doctors and nurses unemployed. This has increased the unemployment rate in the health sector. Projects that were started by the NDC government has been in the bush to deteriorate due to the NPP’s carelessness about healthcare.

The Akufo-Addo government is one of the least performing governments in healthcare infrastructure since the inception of the 4th Republic. During this coronavirus pandemic that health workers are risking their lives for the country, personal protective equipment (PPEs) that health workers use have also become a problem. In some situations, health workers used their own money to buy these items in order for us to be safe.

The former President donated some of these items to health workers showing how he cares for them and promised to complete all his projects that have been abandoned by the NPP. The number of infected health workers in Ghana is over 2,000 out of which 6 of them have lost their lives. The high increase in the number of infected health workers is due to the unavailability of PPEs.

With less than seven months to the election, the President has now promised to build over 80 new hospitals. This shows how the NPP is not concerned about health professionals.


The NDC government made a significant improvement in the infrastructure sector of the education ministry. The NDC froze the teacher trainee allowance in order to use it to build more schools so that after completion, they would get a place to work. The trainees didn’t understand this initiative and as a result, voted against the NDC in the 2016 elections.

The NPP promised to restore the teacher trainee allowance and build 350 schools in their first 18 months in power. Almost three and half years now and the schools that have been built are not even up to 50. Due to the low infrastructure, most of the teacher trainees who completed over two years ago are all unemployed.

In addition to the low infrastructure, the NPP has also announced that all teacher training graduates are to perform mandatory one-year national service and after that, write a licensure exam before they will be posted. All teacher trainees perform one-year menteeship before they write their final exam and as a result, the national service is not important.

The licensure exam, on the other hand, is not a bad idea but why can’t they add it to the final exam? Some trainees made the allegations that; the introduction of the licensure exam was to reduce the number of teachers who would get posted. The NDC has promised all these measures if they are elected back into power.


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