3Music Awards is not competing with VGMA – Ricky Tenneson

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Industry gatekeeper Ricky Tenneson has clearly stated that, 3Music Awards is not and does not intend to compete with Vodafone Ghana Music Awards(VGMA).

As one part of the organizers of the event he shared that, he does not see the competition people talk about because, “VGMA is a legacy brand and they are way different from us (3Music Awards) I mean, we are more youthful and more edgier. We can fly somebody from the sky and they cannot because it’s a youthful brand and it’s meant for the millennials,” he said.


He mentioned that, for they the organizers of 3Music Awards, they see the event as a showcase where they can show the rest of the world what they can offer other shows if they show interest in what they do and, “through the showcase we look forward to it getting us other shows and businesses to do”.

He told Doctar Cann on Happy 97.9 FM’s Showbiz Xtra, “Basically the way we will want to approach things will not be the same way they, as a legacy brand will also want to approach things so when people talk about competition one thing I always say, is, let VGMA walk in their space and let us also walk in our space”.

Ricky believes that it’s high time we created an industry where, “Other award shows up their game. We want to raise the bar so they also catch up with the bar or go higher than us. 4Syte can also raise the bar or go higher than us and so can any other award show in Ghana,” he stated.


He believes if this is done, it will encourage more people (foreigners) to look at Ghana and commend us for our award shows and this will also go a long way in growing the entertainment industry.