3 ways to turn your troubles into an inspired state of mind

Live is not all rainbow. There are hitches and obstacles that you need to overcome before you become successful in life. I bet you’re not a newbie to facing troubles in life. But trouble is one challenge of life that you cannot be proud of. I hate to have troubles, so do you I guess.

Working in the most difficult environments and situations, I have helped myself to turn my troubles into an inspiration with these three tips I’m proudly sharing with you. For my latest experience, I was stuck in the world of blogging when I started to work on my first news blog.

I was new to blogging with zero knowledge about the technicalities that come with it. All that I knew was to launch a blog and start to publish whatever I was targeted for people to read. I had no clue about driving traffic and even getting money from blogging. Gradually, I was disappointed because it didn’t work out the way I expected. So I had to turn the blog down.

I then had time to study about blogging and after gathering some information enough at that point, I launched another blog I found my way through and had my target audience. For a year now, I survived with and still adding new readers every day.

So, I see the need to share with you how I was able to turn my troubles to an inspiration that I have to compress it into three tips.

  1. Quiet the chaos.

In our working lives, we’re surrounded by information—tasks to complete, blogs to read, people to consult. When you’re facing adversity in your personal life, that noise is still there, but learn to focus differently to find that flow.

Sift out the noise and set attainable goals that help you move through adversity and connect to the most important things in your life. The big-picture items you’re pushing toward can be your treatment plan, your family, or—when you’re well again—your vision for bettering the world.

2. Find your center.

When you’re in survival mode, life can feel completely out of your control. Everything in your orbit feels like it’s in a precarious position, just moments away from veering off-kilter. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate achievable hobbies and actions, things that gratify you, into your daily routine.

Infuse your daily livelihood with joy and peace to find what inspires a quiet calm. Volunteer at a dog shelter; learn to code and start your own programs. Use your time to experiment with something you’ve never done before that brings you a sense of joy. Attaining that sense of calm can put you in the proper physical and mental space to face adversity head on and come out on the other side center.

3. Appreciate every day.

Since overcoming cancer, I work and love with more force and more joy than ever before. In times of personal difficulty, it’s easy to feel like you don’t have any choices. But how you seize the day is a choice that’s forever yours, so seize it with resolve and gratitude. Any milestone in life, whether it’s surviving cancer or turning 50, lights a fire under you and makes you want to seize the day.

Studies show that resilience is a powerful skill in the world of work. The ability to bounce back after adversity, to rely on yourself and to use your own mental resources to survive, has been shown to lead to greater staying power and success. In fact, U.S. employers are rapidly catching on to the value of resilience and are actively training their employees in it.

Use hardships to fuel your personal and professional goals, but don’t be afraid to stop and smell the roses. Assess your own efforts and those of your colleagues and put each in perspective. Reward yourself for a job well done, but recognize the work of those around you, either with kind words or other incentives. Appreciating that effort shows how far you’ve come from those adverse beginnings and also reveals that you still have work to do.

Despite any discomfort we might feel when it’s happening, adversity can lead to appreciation, hardships can spark creativity, and grief can give way to gumption when it’s all channeled into positive efforts. Moving through challenges and coming out on the other side can inspire and influence your professional life as much as your personal one.


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