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Since the inception of the 4th Republic, the NPP has always won the elections when it comes to the Ashanti Region. Currently, the NPP boasts of 43 MPs as compared to 4 of the NDC. Based on that, most of the developmental projects should also benefit the people of Ashanti Region.

But that is not the case. The NPP has always left the Ashanti Region behind when it comes to developmental projects but they always come back to them to plead for their vote every election year.


In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons why the people of Ashanti Region must vote for the NDC at all cost.


The Ashanti Region has been regarded as the home of the NPP by the entire Ghanaian citizens, and therefore, most of the other political parties are afraid to invest in the region. As the local saying goes, “Hand go, hand come”, every political party does something for you in return of a favour, which is your vote.

Since the NPP has been crowned as the winners of the region, there is no competition in the area, therefore, the infrastructure that the people in the region deserve is always snatched away from them since they know they will still win the elections. Comparing the Ashanti to the Greater Accra Region where there is no political party which has emerged winner in the region forever since the 4th Republic, every government tries to do their best to impress the electorates for them to vote for them and the NPP is no exception.


This has kept every government on its toe to work hard, and this is one of the reasons why Greater Accra has more infrastructure than the Ashanti Region. If the Region kicks out the NPP government, it will serve as a lesson for them so that the next time they are in power, they will not shift all the developmental projects to the Greater Accra region.


Even though the Ashanti Region is not the stronghold of the NDC, they did several projects in the region than what the current NPP government which derived most of their votes from the region has done. Notable among them are the Kejetia Market, works on the Kumasi Airport, and over 13 Community day schools.

The regional chairman of the NPP claimed on TV3 that the airport the NDC made was not good enough and that they were going to expand it into an International Airport just like the Kotoka International Airport. Till this day, no work has been done at the airport.


Meanwhile, whenever the President and his ministers and MPs are travelling to the region, they all use the Airport if they decide to travel by air. The NPP also promised to build roads for the people of the Ashanti Region and even went on further to declare 2020 as THE YEAR OF ROADS. The question is; where are the roads?

Meanwhile, the President has constructed asphalt road in his hometown, leaving behind the people who voted for him. The NDC at least made some little contribution to some of the roads in the region. This shows how the NPP has kept on using the people of Ashanti Region to gain power and then ignore them at the end of the elections.


There is a local saying which translates literally as, “If you didn’t get anything at all for your in-laws do not steal from them”. This is exactly what the Akufo-Addo NPP government has done to the people Ashanti Region. The NPP has not done any major project in the Region and instead of them to at least complete those that were started by the NDC, they have abandoned all of these projects.

The most popular of these are the; Kumawu District Hospital, Adansi-Fomena District Hospital and the Euroget Konongo District Hospital. These were all projects started by the NDC government for the people of Ashanti Region but have all been left to weeds and rain.

The Ashanti Region needs a government that is concerned about the wellbeing of the people rather than their personal wellbeing, and definitely, NPP is not that government. The people in these affected areas are now finding it difficult to access healthcare due to the failure of the NPP government to deliver their promises. The NDC started and the people of Ashanti needs to hand the baton back to them to help them cross the finish line.


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