Organizer of 3 Music awards has stated that they are considering getting the services of actress Joselyn Dumas again as host for the awards this year. This was revealed by the CEO of the awards scheme Sadiq Abdulai Abu.

Last year, some few months after the awards, the beautiful actress went out and stated that she has not being paid by the organizers of the awards. Her outburst made the organizers come out to state that they were having challenges and would do their best in settling the actress soon.


After the 2019 edition of the awards was launched some few days ago, there has been a rumour going around that the organizers of the show were not going to seek the services of Joselyn Dumas again. But Sadiq speaking on Radio Universe stated that they are actually in talks with her to see if she can host the event again this year.

According to the Sadiq, the reason for them to go in for Joselyn again because their plan as an awards scheme is to stick with all the people they worked with, in the previous year. This according to him, will help to create a relationship that may not be easily destroyed if they run into any financial challenges along the way this year.



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